May 2016

Trend Combo Binary Options system

The trend combo binary option system is a 15 minutes trade price action system.  It is a trend following system.

Trend combo 1

Trend combo 2


Trend Combo.

Exponential moving average 3 periods (MA 3) High,

Exponential moving average 3 periods (MA 3) Low,

Xsupertrend Candles,

Markets: FOREX: 

30 minutes Binary options strategy- RSI + Stoch

The RSI binary options strategy is based and overbought and oversold levels. It is quite profitable if rules are adhered to strictly.

RSI Power 1

RSI Power 2


MARKETS: Forex, indices, commodities

Time Frame :5 min expires time 30 min;

Time Frame

5mins Extreme Binary Options System

This trading system is quite popular and profitable. It uses a combination of good and non repainting indicators which makes it a well filtered system. Extreme binary options systems can produce as much as 80% accuracy is you keep to the rules strictly. You can also try different settings.

5min extreme
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15Minutes Binary options Systems – 100 Pips Agreement

This system uses the 5 minutes time frame to trade the 15 minutes expiry when there is agreement between the trading indicators. This systems works well to give you anything above 70% ITM if rules are strictly applied. This system was tested for a whole week recording above 72% wins. Below are a few chart


This binary options system is also very simple using only two  indicators. It can be very profits using 1 minute time frame to trade 5 minutes expiry. It is actually a 5 minutes trading system.  The charts below gives me a 100% accuracy. but as you know no system is 100% accuracy over time. The

2016 Binary Option System – 5Minutes commando

This is another binary options strategies that works well. It uses 5 minutes chart to trade between 15-25 minutes(3 – 5 candles) I tried this system over three trading days to achieve close to 80 % winning rate. Like i always say…everyone is free to tweak and turn the system for maximum effectiveness and profits.

1 Hour Binary Options System – SR CHANNEL

SR CHANNEL system is a very one indicator 1hour binary option trading strategies that can be very profitable if rules are followed strictly. With very little technical analysis you can make good use of this 60 minutes system.

The chart in the diagram below shows about 75% winning rate

SR channel 1

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